Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Future Shock!

When I was in junior college a book came out called "Future Shock."  I don't remember much about it, but one thing that I remember was the author talking about how we were entering a time when so much would be offered to us that we would have a hard time making decisions.  For example: you want shampoo, you go to the store and they offer like five or so types of shampoo.  But now you go and there is a wall and a half of shampoos, plus conditioners, toners, etc.  That feeling when you stand there trying to decide what to get he called a type of shock.

I think I'm facing that.  I need some new makeup, and I was looking at a magazine this evening and checking out the ads.  Zoink!  They have kinds that go on with little paint rollers.  Some have elastic in it so it can stretch with your skin.  Some say they can erase your age (that intrigures me).   Mineral makeup, "clean" makeup, makeup with botox, makeup with sunscreen, moisturizers, skin boosters (whatever those are), "lifting" technology, anti-aging, super-stay, true matching, organic, restructuring, matte, and ... and ... I'm breathless.

Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, Andie MacDowell, Ellen Degeneres, Brooke Shields -- why, there isn't a woman celebrity out there who isn't hawking beauty products.  How do you decide??

I'm suffering from shock, present not future.  I think I'll pick out some shampoo instead.


Rach said...

Zoink! That cracked me up. I know what you mean though. I had a coupon for baby soap and thought I would start stocking up. Holy Cow! They have soap with oatmeal, soap with lavender to help the baby sleep, soap with shea butter, "natural" soap. I just want regular old soap!! I'm in shock with you!

Dirk and Trish said...

Glad there's a phenomenon related and I'm not just painfully indecisive. For soap & shampoo, my deciding factor is what smell doesn't make my nose itch or my head hurt. I barely bother w/ make up most days now, but if I were to buy some, I'd go with sunscreen formula, unless your moisturizer has that. Other than that, I refuse to spend more on make up than I would on shoes.

Karla said...

I gave up makeup a long time ago so when I want to wear some (like for once a year family pictures) I just pull out what I have from 10 years ago...eeeeeek! I feel your pain but you make me laugh.