Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mighty Maureen Saves the Day!

 Last August my parents came for a visit, which was really nice.  We spent one day up in Boulder touring Celestial Seasonings and checking out the town, and we had an interesting experience.  Today I received the following poem my mother wrote about the whole thing, and the gift you see in the picture below.  It's pretty funny ....

If you find that you are in trouble
And that you need help “on the double”
There’s a young woman in Colorado
Who will do more than she has to
To see you are saved from disaster!
This really is so,
Believe me, I know!
For she came to my aid
One day when I desperately asked her

We were out seeing the sights
Of Colorado’s many delights
When her sons needed food
And burgers sounded good
So to McDonald’s we go
For refreshments you know,
And this is what followed –DISASTER!

It was August in two thousand and nine
As we sat down at that table to dine
We tried to top each story of fun
Of things (in the past) we had done
I got misty eyed and afraid if I cried
The others would think I was dumb!

So we laughed and old memories were told
Memories that were burnished with gold
How I loved my dear family
How glad I was they belonged to me
Such happiness I’m unable to measure

But finally it came time to go
I had one stop to make, wouldn’t you know?
Soon I found I was all, all alone
Even worse, the door to my booth was locked tight
I pushed and I pulled and I banged with all my might
But my efforts, while good, to no avail came

The bottom of the door was 18 inches high
Should I try to slide under? No, I gave up with a sigh
There was no one who could help … What should I do?
Then I remembered the cell phone in my purse
I had never really liked it, but couldn’t have needed it worse
So I called my husband who was sitting at the table
But his phone was turned off – so he wasn’t able
To help me – and then – Maureen had hers in her purse
So I rang her number and her answer was terse

“What’s wrong, Mom?” she said, and I said these few words,
“I’m locked in the handicapped booth – can you help?”
“I’ll be right there,” she said, and hung up
This made me feel better and I started to laugh
Was it hysteria or relief at last?
It really didn’t matter, for it wasn’t too long
‘Til her footsteps crossed the room as her voice raised in song,
“Here I come to save the day!”
And with that my locked door popped open
There stood my daughter, tall, lovely and blonde
One hand in the air as she finished her song

You may think this is funny
But to me it’s quite serious
Let your kids watch cartoons when they are quite small
For it could be they’ll learn from them all
How to save others in those moments when so earnestly we pray
For Mighty Mouse will surely show them the way
--Mary Louise Hillyard


Tiffany said...

I see where you get your special gift of writing!! That is such an adorable poem and I LOVE the t-shirt!!! Thanks for being "Mighty Maureen" for Tara right now too!!

Rach said...

I LOVE that poem, and the shirt!! The gift of writing runs in your family!

Dirk and Trish said...

Love it! Very clever, and now the new profile pic on FB makes more sense. Your family sounds fun! Have fun w/ your friend this w/e.