Saturday, August 16, 2008

Am I That Out of the Loop?

"Have you ever heard of Billy Joel?" my boys asked me.


"Because he is so cool!" they told me with enthusiastic shouts. "You should listen to him. Want to listen to him?"

Here we go again, I think. I must seem like such a fuddy-duddy to my sons and also to my nephews. I remember when my oldest nephew was in high school (he's now 25) and was studying U.S. History, he one day asked me if I was alive during Watergate.

Yikes! I couldn't believe that he asked me that! Like, was I around when Roosevelt was president or did I personally know Lincoln. I never viewed myself as someone that wasn't current and aware, but I've noticed that to teenagers I am definately "out of the loop."

"Sure, I'll listen to him," I replied, and as poor "old" Billy's voiced boomed out at me I wondered how he fares with his daughter....


Tiffany said...

Isn't it the strangest feeling when you all of the sudden realize that you've become your PARENTS??? I vividly remember my parents being so "out of the loop" and now that's how my teenager looks at me! YIKES!! I even had my 8 year old tell me that something I did in front of her friends embarrassed her! I'm pretty much a loser and I'm ok with it! They'll just have to get over it! hee-hee

Maureen said...

I agree Tiff! And even if our kids think we're part of the vast uncool, I think you're a pretty awesome chick! (And even that statement my kids would think is dated! :)