Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Game of Tag

I visited my friend Kristeen's Blog and she was tagging* everyone who visited her site. I've decided to take the challenge. I hope all my friends in Blogville do this--it's fun!

1-Stan, AJ and Kevin
2-Singing hymns with my boys (especially when we're out driving and we can sing at the top of our lungs!)
3-My Testimony

1-Something happening to the boys or Stan
2-That I've failed in my calling as a mother

2-Pens (I LOVE pens. I buy then whenever they're on sale, I steal them from doctor's offices, my husband and sons get them for me too. I have enough pens to supply the high school!)
3-Lists (I also love to makes lists. Sometimes if I complete tasks I'll make the list after the fact so I can check off that I've done that task!)

1-I worked as a newspaper reporter and a columnist for a few years before I discovered I don't have the personality to be a hard-boiled newsman(woman)
2-I am a realtively picky eater. Since my marriage Stan has finally gotten me to try a lot of things that he likes-salmon, lamb, brussel sprouts--I'm a pretty tame eater compared to him!
3-I used to be a dancer. I studied jazz and modern dance in high school. (Times have changed!)

*I tag anyone who reads my blog! I will be looking on your blogs to find out more about you!

1 comment:

Teeples Family said...

You never cease to amaze me with all the neat things that you have done. Thanks for taking the "Tag" challenge!