Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Driving Lesson

My youngest son, Kevin, is 16 and has his driving permit. He always wants to go driving. Yesterday I decided that we would spend the day having one major driving lesson. We spent 2-1/2 hours driving all over Colorado Springs. And since he was spending a lot of time behind the wheel, I thought it best if we ran some errands while he got his experience. We went to the eye doctor, got the last of the school supplies we needed, and stopped in at Burger King for a cold drink and a break during the hot weather.

Kevin is a big Bon Jovi fan and put on some of their music as we drove all over town. At one point I started to sing along.

"Please don't," he calmly said.

"Do I embarass you?" I asked.


"I don't embarass you?"

"No," he reiterated. "But you have ruined some songs for me."

Oh my gosh, I almost wet my pants I laughed so hard. I guess we can chalk this up to another session with his therapist after he grows up!


Tara said...

How funny! What are you doing that is ruining the songs for him? Any hip-shakin' dances? Love it!

John and Rachael said...

Driving!! I am not ready for that yet. I know I am going to have the death grip on the seat while trying to appear calm and collected for my kids. You'll have to tell me about those hip shakin' dances!!

Tiffany said...

Keep ROCKIN it Maureen!!

Teeples Family said...

That is great! I can remember a time when I was trying to relate to some song that the girls were talking about in Young Womens, and I drew a parallel with Simon & Garfunkel. Their comment was "Whatever Sister Teeples."
And all too often I would "ruin" songs on the ride home from Mutual. Isn't that what we adults are suppossed to do?

Little do they know...we were around the FIRST time Bon Jovi was popular!