Friday, August 22, 2008


Fate is foolish! Take a chance!

The Character of Tonetti
in 1934's The Gay Divorcee
starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

(The Gay Divorcee was one of my favorite movies when I was in college. One of my best friends and I used to watch it every chance we got. A story of mistaken identities and confusion, the character of Tonetti is supposed to quote the line "Fate is the fool's name for chance" to Ginger's Roger's character. He can't quite remember the line, and doesn't know what she looks like, so he scurries around misquoting the line every time to a variety of women. Paul and I liked this version the best. So, I say, it's the weekend--let's get out there. Don't leave things to fate; take a chance! Enjoy your day off!)

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Tiffany said...

I just love all of your uplifting messages! Keep 'em coming! I need them right now!